Reasons To Choose Ecolodge Construction


Custom built to the Clients needs and requirements

Each building project is unique. Based on your preferences, budget, location and spatial conditions an individual designed house is produced. 

Energy-Efficient Home

We pride ourselves in building the low-energy houses . Heating consumes less power while also maintaining ventilation. Well insulated walls to reduce heating costs significantly. Our energy efficient built houses are exceptionally well thermally insulated. Living in our houses is a pleasant, healthy and economical experience.

Quick construction schedule

Ecolodge Construction can build homes/extension in a variety of different methods. For a quick building solution we also offer the option of custom made timber frame panels. A large proportion of the construction is completed in our factory so on-site building time can be greatly reduced.

Increased living space

Extending your current living is a option in the current economical situation. Altering your existing house to suit your needs allows you to gain the much need space required while maintaining the familiar feeling of your current home.